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Holyfield is the Greatest

Posted in Random by mark2 on July 11, 2006

I was playing my good friend Robert Bond last night in Fight Night 3 on the Xbox360. It was a epic battle that lasted only 7 rounds, but they were the most intense 7 rounds i have ever boxed before. He was winning on points, and the only way i could claim victory was to attack his face and hopethe ref called it off. He had knocked me down about 5 times to the ground, but good old evander kept on getting up to his credit. I hadn’t knocked Goliath down once, but after cutting him in the third round, i knew this was my only point of attack. Finally, after the ref called it off, i could rejoice, the hardest battle i had ever faced.

Blood pouring from my mouth and nose, i couldn’t have been happier.


Some kind of super plant/fruit

Posted in Topical issues CLose To The Heart by mark2 on July 3, 2006

Plant/Fruit come from seeds, and within these plant/fruit new seeds grows. That means that plant/fruit have the ability to grow plants/fruit within themselves. Therefore, if you get a watermelon seed and insert into a apple and let it grow, couldn’t you logically build some sort of super waterapple/applemelon fruit, that could take over the world?

Or what if this could be transferred between plants and fruit. Such as a venus fly trap and apple, like you could produce a new sort of killing machine, if you could produce a venus fly-trap apple, that look exactly like and apple but when someone went to take a bite, the apple opens its razor sharp teeth and eats your face off. Imagine the possabilities

Someone will pay

So are you the person im looking for,

I need a hitman/hitwoman, prefereably someone who will kill for free and has some sort of memory disease who will forget my name and details so it can't be traced back to me.

If this is you do the following steps:


Isn't there just some days when no one can do anything right and you add a persnal assassin with you to teach them a lesson.

Thursday 8th, December 2005

Posted in Random by mark2 on December 8, 2005


If someone asks you the time, politely tell them that time is only a figment of their imagination, and that there is really no set time, everyone has just been coherced into following a clock in a giant building. And if this building is to be destroyed, does that mean that time will suddenly not exist?

6th December 2005: Wisdom

Posted in Random by mark2 on December 5, 2005

Some Wisdom:
When walking along a street and you notice some fresh dog poop laying on the ground. Find someone who wears glasses and ask if you can borrow them, then proceed to rub the glasses in the poo. Then hand them back and since they cannot see without their glasses they will indeed proceed to put poo into their eyes.

So, Long time no speak

Posted in Random by mark2 on December 5, 2005

I haven’t written anything in this blog lately, and Andrew Krespanis (R.I.P- Not yet anyways, but soon….I have said too much) came up with a brilliant idea to write just a singular line of wisdom each day and i can become a profound leader. I will build a following and will have minions follow my every word.

So without further adieu…

So its friday, you wanna get naked?

Posted in Random by mark2 on October 14, 2005

Soooo bored,


Friday’s at work is like watching grass grow on drying paint.


Good Times, im so bored i can’t even think of anything that shit enough to write in this thing. Except that everyone has to go and buy all four seasons of 24 box sets, if you don’t Jack Bauer will come and kill you. 

Who’s in charge of releasing DVD’s anyway

Posted in Random by mark2 on October 13, 2005

I wish i was in charge of what gets released on dvd, cause here is top 3 for movies on DVD:

  • It’s a knockout (all seasons)
  • Cluedo (all season of the UK version)
  • Mario Brothers Movie
  • The amount of good times i would have if these were released, i just don’t want to think about

    Sugar, We’re Going Down!

    Posted in Topical issues CLose To The Heart by mark2 on October 12, 2005

    So my cd order comes next week, super excited about such cd’s as the new re-release of Underoath’s- they’re only chasing safety.

    It will make me even cooler than anybody else i know. (Yes Andrew, even cooler than you!)

    Nano me!!!

    Posted in Topical issues CLose To The Heart by mark2 on October 11, 2005

    So i got myself a ipod nano for my birthday from my auntie and grandparents and cousins. Good times all round, who new listening to music made you look so cool.

     Scene points for me!

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